To describe the history of PEREZ in this way would be a bit clichéd and too simple. Because with PEREZ not only a new name appears on the HipHop radar of Germany, but also a contender for the freshest sound in the game. In the summer of 2018 a welcome cooling down.
But let's start from scratch: PEREZ are brand new, PEREZ are fresh, but definitely no newbies in the music business. The brothers Jan Perez and Mo Perez in spirit and cause draw their feeling for hits, drive, ambition and love for hip hop and pop music from years of experience. They meet at concerts in Stuttgart's HipHop underground, they start jamming and only months later the guys start a sprint that they can hardly keep up with themselves: with their first band SCHLARAFFENLANDUNG they release two EPs, are streamed more than 1.5 million times on Spotify, play more than 100 concerts (e.g. Taubertal, Mini-Rock-Festival) and a celebrated headliner tour through Germany. They gather fan after fan and perform as the first band ever 4x (!) at the Southside Festival in June 2018. And that, although their music isn't necessarily what would be hip in pop Germany if you go by what's on the format radios. Or just because of that.
Besides working on their debut album, PEREZ will continue their pike-jump into the new this summer on the local festival stages. Anyone who has seen the brothers live knows that they also stand out impressively here with their mix of styles: sometimes the intimate lip service, sometimes the big feelings in the outburst of energy or the world-forgotten group sweating with everyone standing in front of the stage. The first club shows will follow in autumn before the support tour for ANTIHELD starts. The gang seems unstoppable.
With the single DRAMA, PEREZ now send a casual musical exclamation mark that raises hopes for a multi-faceted debut album. From Perez with Love.