MUNICH WAREHOUSE is the opposite of a profit-oriented fashion label. One that lives without hashtags and press contact. Behind them are people who tie up every parcel that is sent and drive it to the post office themselves. Small runs, at a small price, until the shelf is empty and the cycle starts all over again. Every product, every picture that is released into the world should leave the recipient with a good feeling, should pick him up. Just the way he is. In Munich, Fairtrade textiles are lovingly printed by hand with great attention to detail.

Besides the fashion label and the merchandise-distribution MUNICH WAREHOUSE 2018 has bulged the frame a bit and founded a label and a publishing house to give exciting music a platform. (c) Annika Wagner



It started in 2014. With 50 white and 50 black shirts. Everything that happened after that happened according to the step by step principle. As soon as the shelves were empty, we produced new goods until we arrived here one day and are still happy to be here.
We purchase most of our goods from STANLEY & STELLA. Fairly produced textiles whose material and cuts convince us are printed by hand in a Munich cellar on Kreittmayrstrasse and sent to the world. From the design to the finished photo in the shop we pay attention to details.



What we learned in the warehouse is that open doors can do more than closed ones. That's why we opened our doors in 2016 and since then we also store bandmerchandise on our shelves which we design, produce & ship for a small circle of bands & musicians.



No musicians, no Warehouse. Therefore it only made sense to expand a room in the warehouse and to found a label in 2018 on which Nico Laska's debut EP "FINE" was released as a premiere release. Since then a small circle of musicians has moved into this room and we are happy to give exciting music a digital and physical platform. 



A new door goes in the House and we take care of the management of Nico Laska and UMME BLOCK.



In 2019, we founded MUNICH WAREHOUSE Publishing and are operating as a publishing company.


In love with detail, we print everything locally by hand, for the most part on goods from Stanley & Stella. Depending on the design, we look for the most suitable printing process and ensure that production is as environmentally friendly as possible. Returned cartons are also reused during shipping for the benefit of the environment.