Honestly, these are weird times and this set phrase might seem a bit arbitrary to kick off my first letter to you, but I mean it. And I totally understand you, if it’s not the case. I guess we are all a bit confused by how fast things changed this last year.

I kind of loved the fact of being ripped out of every little piece of routine I had and being challenged by finding a new way of living for the last 12 months. I was so used to being on the road with my band, seeing the whole clique and playing sweaty shows all over the place, that it was something really new to spend that much time at home. I had to find something else I wanted to spend my time on as long as touring is not safe. I chose making music. Well, that was an easy one. But I also chose to work on a few releases that I would love to tell you about here. And it might took a year, but I finally am working on a blog and a newsletter for the w-house.

I wanted to do this for a long time. Seriously, writing letters is such a beautiful thing, but I had my doubts about starting the first newsletter for MUNICH WAREHOUSE. Fact is, there is so much happening around here that I never really manage to share with all of you via the social media ways we all use, love & sometimes hate.

In these letters I will try to keep you updated about stuff happening all around the WAREHOUSEclique. I am happy to be able to work with such wonderful human-beings. Not only the music, videos, merch, lyrics, pictures and so on that are made by the artists here in the warehouse, but also the people behind it are very special to me. I hope you will find some time to check them out and you will discover something beautiful.

To stay in contact these days is the goal of these letters. Feel free to write back.