Calvin Stone is a 31-year-old US hip hop artist from Columbus, Ohio. Michi Dreilich is a 29-year-old drummer and beatmaker from Munich. The duo began making music together in early June 2020, after the murder of George Flyod and the protests that followed, in order to process the events in a song. THE WATER was released as the first joint track on 31.7.2020 via Munich Warehouse. This was followed by THE BELLS (released 23.10.2020) and PRESSURE (released 4.12.2020), the third single of the American-German collaboration.
The two met through YouTube in 2017. Born and raised in Columbus Ohio, Stone is influenced by a reality of drug abuse and gun violence and finds in music and lyrics a way to process what he has seen, leaving the listener with little choice but to listen away with his reporting and interesting wordplay.
Besides his main job as a session musician and permanent member of the German alternative rock band Blackout Problems, Michi Dreilich's beats, which originate in studios, rehearsal rooms or as voice memos, were now brought to life and completed with Calvin Stone's vocals. A common vibe was quickly formed and Calvin's rhythmically to the point and urgent rhythms found their place on straightforward and distorted sample beats. The production and mixing was done by band mate Mario Radetzky (Songwriter / Producer / Blackout Problems).

The title of the EP is speaking into existence. What does not yet exist is created. There are no boundaries. Neither in terms of genres, instruments or continents. Although the distance is great and seems to be insurmountable at the time of Corona, with this collaboration they want to show that a common creative work cannot be hindered by a ban on entering the country. As soon as it is feasible again in good conscience a small Germany / Europe tour is on the wishlist of the duo. Another thing that seems unthinkable at the moment but maybe will be possible someday. The EP will be released on XX.3.2021 via Munich Warehouse.