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Give up control, eyes closed and full of energy into the Kaos! Two years after their debut, Blackout Problems dare to look inside and show themselves as a musically and personally grown alternative rock band that listens to the emotional extreme situations of a life between a long tour and an artistic struggle for liberation every second. Their new album "Kaos" now sets the moment of departure into the unknown to music in spherical guitar surfaces and lyrics, closely followed by constant resignation and doubt. The second everything collapses. And new things are born.

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An end or a separation can either lead to positive change or tear you into an abyss. "Kaos" has developed in intense and unsteady life situations. It is a cathartic attempt to gain courage from even the most negative feelings, like the song "Kontrol", a deeply sad ballad that gets under your skin and turns into a powerful anthem for the painful but purifying process of letting go. Screamed out with "You make me lose control" and with it a door opener into the heart of the "Kaos".

The Tormenting Insecurity is part of the development that every band member of Blackout Problems has personally gone through over the last few years, as singer Mario himself describes: "'Kaos' is when your foundation crumbles and things get out of hand. Writing the album has torn us apart on some days, but has also shown us how pleasant the view into our innermost can be".

"You make me lose control"

blackout problems

The musical development was absolutely self-sufficient: no genre was simply copied, each song eludes the usual categorizations. Atmospheric guitars mill their way into the long-term memory of every Alexisonfire or Being As An Ocean fan, heavy melancholy gives rise to hot cold goose pimples, the balancing act between headiness and catchiness is on the level of the alternative greats Biffy Clyro. The driving "Queen", for example, is predestined for sweaty club moshpits, while the single "Kaos" builds up almost three minutes of trance before the song begins to explode. Representing the quiet side of the album, not only "Holly" does without escalation completely and unfolds its effect through wide sound surfaces alone. In the end, never-before-heard alternative rock stands between wide tension arcs, post-hardcore-influenced force, piano melancholy and electronic feedback sounds - an equally passionately torn and coldly disillusioned outcry.

"Kaos" is the second album of Blackout Problems and will be released on 15.06.2018 on the band's own label Munich Warehouse in cooperation with Cargo Records. Already the 2016 released debut "Holy" hit directly into the Top 50 of the German album charts and ended in sold out, sweaty concerts at the album release tour, performances at Pro7 Circus Halligalli, BR Puls Startrampe or the Rocket Beans. Support tours for Heisskalt, Jennifer Rostock, Apologies, I Have None and Royal Republic followed. In addition there were countless festival appearances, features Boysetsfire frontman Nathan Gray and electro inventor Christian Löffler. The "Intimate" christened warm-up tour in May 2018 was sold out within a few minutes. Further dates and an extended headline tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland will follow in summer and autumn 2018.

Like on the previous album "Holy", whose cover is adorned by the burnt down Brighton-Pier, the band again decided for "Kaos" to visualize their album with the representation of abnormal architecture. The Neviges pilgrimage cathedral near Velbert disturbs on the inside pages of the booklet and embedded in the front artwork with its abstract forms and the coarse, subcooled corpus. The brutalistic architectural concept reflects the hard process of the band's confrontation with their own demons.